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Rewriting the Playbook

This year, 2020CE, has been, and I mince no words here, a doozie.

Face masks (please!), social distancing, contact tracing, wash your hands (20 seconds), hand sanitizer, curb service and carry out—no indoor dining, and where did all the Clorox wipes go? Handshake? Not on your (or my) life. Zoom fatigue and who’s wearing pants?

Work life balance became more than a slogan—working from home meant you were working while, literally, surrounded by your life. By now, most of us have developed professional preferences for one video conferencing tool or another. Remember when video conferences were mostly the stuff of corporate conference rooms?

This year has brought the whole kit and kaboodle of business disruptions. A lot of what we took for granted was up-ended. We didn’t have a playbook for ‘global pandemic’ so we had to improvise.

And we did. Winston Churchill’s famous quote “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” was remembered by many and understood to be a call to acton. So we rolled up our sleeves and rewrote our playbooks.



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