• Mike Cameron

What to keep...what to leave behind?

We see the light at the end of a long tunnel. At least we hope we do. More people are getting vaccinated every day. More business are opening up. And it was great to see real people sitting in the stands during this first week of baseball season.

There is no 'going back' to the old normal...there is only going forward to the new normal. Somethings will change out of necessity. We were vulnerable. We always knew it was possible--now we know it's real. We'll be more wary this time.

And some things will change because necessity pushed us to find better ways. It shook us out of our belief that we had already optimized our routines. There are some practices that we adopted because of COVID, only to have that 'Aha!" moment as ask ourselves why we weren't already doing that.

I talk with a lot of business leaders about the adjustments we've made because of COVID. The question always comes up "What will we keep, and what will we leave behind?"

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